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Leadership & Teams

The aim of feedback, whether in the form of criticism or praise, is to determine the employee’s position and further development. Therefore, work with transparent and clearly measurable goals. In our seminar Leading with a System you will receive the tools for an optimal assessment. In the seminar Feedback Competence for Managers you will learn appropriate communication techniques, how to distinguish between criticism of the matter at hand and criticism of behaviour. Your employees are given the necessary space for self-awareness. Sources of error can then be analysed together. With the right target system, you clarify what you measure performance or behaviour by.

  • So what constitutes the quality of an agile workplace?
  • What leads to dissatisfaction with direct superiors?
  • What constitutes successful communication?
  • What should you keep in mind when talking about criticism?
Leadership & Teams

How can you motivate employees?

As a manager, you probably ask yourself this question often. Motivation research distinguishes between three aspects that explain what motivates people:

  • People want to achieve goals and be proud of them. Situations in which there is no prospect of success are therefore avoided.
  • People seek affiliation and social relationships. Success is usually only enjoyed when it is confirmed by others.
  • Power motivates. The feeling of powerlessness, on the other hand, demotivates.

How can you as a manager ensure that your employees are motivated? We help you ask the right questions!

What is most important in conflict management, how do you deal with problems and what else do you need to know about conflicts? With conflict management seminars you learn different measures and approaches to conflict resolution:

  • What role do I myself play in the development of conflicts? Personality types and communication patterns
  • Effective conflict resolution and avoidance
    Stress-free negotiation: correct preparation and goal-oriented conduct of negotiations
  • How to protect yourself from unfair tactics in negotiation talks
  • How to manage conflicts in agile teams Conflict resolution as a leadership task
  • Ways to a successful conflict management system