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Outsourcing Controlling

Outsourcing controlling

For Board members and managing directors at banks and financial companies, executives and specialists from the areas of outsourcing management, risk controlling, Compliance, IT Security and Internal Audit.


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  • With the seminar, you will receive your certificate as proof of your expertise
    (e.g. for submission to BaFin)

  • Tasks and duties of the Outsourcing Officer

  • Risk analysis for outsourcing: Knowing the “red lines”

  • Ongoing monitoring duties of the outsourcing agent

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  • 9.15 am – 1.00 pm

    Tasks and duties of the outsourcing representative

    The range of tasks of the outsourcing representative

     Efficient communication between outsourcer and insourcer:

    • Definition of escalation processes
    • Meaningful management reporting

    New requirements of the EBA and the FISG:

    • Distinction between outsourcing and third-party procurement according to MaRisk
    • New rules on the KWG notification requirements
    • Ordering and intervention powers of BaFin

    Risk analysis for outsourcing: Knowing the “red lines”

    Risk analysis in the outsourcing process

    Implementation of the qualitatively tightened risk analysis on the basis of uniform scoring criteria:

    • Assessment of risk content and risk concentration in the case of outsourcing of several activities to one service provider
    • Benchmarks for steering and control activities and their implementation
    • Audit-proof assessment of exit strategies and
      contingency plans

    Definition of a maximum poor performance of an external service provider

S+P Tool Box

  • S+P Checklist “Implementation MaRisk + EBA Directive + FISG ”
  • Guideline for central outsourcing management
    (approx. 30 pages)
  • Sample reporting for outsourcing officer
  • S+P Tool Risk Assessment Outsourcing management for more audit security

Outsourcing Controlling

  • 2.00 pm – 5.00 pm

    Ongoing monitoring duties of the outsourcing agent

    MaRisk requirements for monitoring and control activities:

    • Evaluation of contract design, performance controls and organisational requirements
    • New specification of consent reservations and far-reaching information rights
    • New requirements for control and reporting obligations of the service provider and the outsourcing agent
    • Exit strategy AT9 para 6 in conjunction with §25b KWG

    Optimisation of key figures for risk and performance measurement

    To Do’s for the outsourcers from findings of special audits

    SREP and EBA requirements for the management of risks

Outsourcing Controlling
Outsourcing Controlling