Sales Training

What characterizes successful and professional sales and what are the key factors to turn around to increase efficiency and graduation rates? The correct positioning of the company as well as the product and service offerings help the sales staff in successful sales talks.

In doing so, price differentiation and active cross-selling can specifically increase sustainable sales success and be used for outstanding achievement of goals. By setting up a personal negotiation strategy, consultations and sales are conducted more efficiently and brought to a more successful sale.



Sales Training – Professional in sales

The professional in sales can be described with the following skills:

  • The professional in sales is constantly evolving.
  • The professional in the sales deliberately goes over the red line.
  • The sales professional does not think in justification and blame.
  • The professional in sales knows that there is always a sales market.
  • The professional in sales leads the sales pitch by asking questions.
  • The sales professional has several sales calls every day.
  • The sales professional knows that the no belongs to his job.


Target group for the course Sales Training

The course is aimed at all

  • sales professionals, as well as general managers, sales managers, sales and marketing managers,
  • sales managers, team leaders, salaried salesmen and independent agents.


Sales Training – focus on achieving sales goals safely

What does market cultivation mean? Who are our customers? What are our sales goals? Competitive advantages of the company and its own service offering. Effective market development and targeted poaching from the competition.

Sales training – focus sales pitch

The “optimal” call setup. Demand determination with open requirements questions. Recognition of buy signals. The customized solution offer. Customer loyalty through complaint management. Which methods of objection treatment exist?


Sales Training – Focus on Successful Communication

Stumbling blocks in the communication with the customer: talk-breakers / suggestions rashly offer / persuasion. Termination methods and use of output amplifiers. Price positioning and determining the direction of impact in the sales pitch.

Sales training – focus on negotiation techniques

Successful Negotiation Strategies: Communicating Customer Benefits Properly. Price differentiation – The price is hot! Active sale of additional services. Logical needs supplements and additional sales. Active customer care and contact maintenance.


Sales Training