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Project management

  • How is the right team put together for the project?
  • How does the leadership of the project staff and the team work without a disciplinary management function?
  • Which management tools are the right ones?
  • How are conflicts in the project team effectively resolved?

Only if you can answer these questions with confidence and integrate them into your daily work will you,
as a project manager, be able to lead your team and the project to a successful conclusion.
The project management seminars train you in the necessary leadership techniques that you need as a project manager.

Project management

Agile project management methods

Agile management methods are being used in an ever-increasing number of projects today. Especially for innovation projects, new opportunities for more innovation and better results arise for you. The application of agile project methods is comparatively easy for you – internalising the underlying understanding is rather difficult. The statement “We work agile – we use Scrum” is not enough.

With Project Management courses, you train the necessary planning, leadership and communication techniques to be able to implement agile project management in the minds of those involved in the project. As the driving force behind agile project management, the Scrum Master is responsible for moderating this team development process and providing the necessary impetus. Our basic project management seminars provide you with the tools for agile project management with Scrum & Co. With the techniques you learn with us, you will bring your next project to the forefront. 


Successful projects are a decisive competitive advantage in all industries today. With project management seminars + online project management training, you will learn the latest project management techniques to optimally master the challenges of digital change.

As a project manager, you have special responsibilities: managing deadlines, budget pressure, availability of project staff, in short, the increasing complexity that prevails in projects. Modern project management helps you to successfully master this challenge with a structured and agile approach.