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Outsourcing Compliance Officer


Compliance officers are responsible for the legal compliance of all processes and business procedures within a company. They are responsible for ensuring that company operations comply with applicable laws and internal standards. We take on the following tasks for the establishment of an audit-proof otsourcing compliance Officer and compliance management:

  • Appointment as Compliance Officer
  • As Compliance Officer, we monitor compliance with the relevant laws, including the requirements of the company’s legal inventory on compliance management.
  • As Compliance Officer, we advise and inform the company’s management regarding existing compliance management obligations and are responsible for communicating with supervisory authorities.
  • We monitor selected processes for compliance on a random, risk-oriented basis and at appropriate intervals
  • As Compliance Officers, we perform our duties free of instructions and using the necessary expertise. We report directly to the company management.

Ensuring sufficient compliance management + Outsourcing Compliance Officer

To ensure sufficient compliance management, the following 16 compliance obligations must be implemented:

  1. Implementation and monitoring of all regulations to prevent breaches of the law

  2. Contact person for BaFin, FIU and law enforcement authorities
  3. Establishment of appropriate risk management including clear reporting obligations

  4. Preparation of an institution-specific risk analysis with legal inventory

  5. Developing and updating internal policies, appropriate business and customer-related safeguards systems

  6. Implementation of ongoing risk-oriented, process-accompanying and at least timely monitoring, auditing and control measures

  7. Ongoing development of strategies and safeguards

  8. Operation and updating of appropriate data processing systems

  9. Investigation of unusual or doubtful circumstances

  10. Processing of suspicious cases including the submission of suspicious activity reports as defined by the Money Laundering Act

  11. Deciding on the termination of the business relationship with the involvement of management

  12. Informing the management and the supervisory body: vis-à-vis the management in particular about deficits in the prevention measures and measures taken to remedy deficits, drawing up a report at least once a year on activities and the company’s risk situation, if applicable within the framework of the risk analysis, as well as ad hoc reports if there are special reasons.

  13. The management shall forward the report to the chairman of the supervisory body, whereby significant deviations from the assessments of the compliance officer shall be specifically documented. The chairperson of the supervisory body, for his part, has information rights directly vis-à-vis the compliance officer.

  14. Conducting training sessions and informing employees on an ongoing basis about the implemented compliance management system as well as new legal and supervisory requirements and the resulting rules of conduct.

  15. Advising and supporting employees and business units in complying with legal provisions to prevent compliance violations.

  16. Involvement in the creation and amendment of relevant organisational and work instructions.

Outsourcing Compliance Officer

Regulatory Monitoring

Identification of significant changes to legal regulations and requirements in Germany.

  • Ad hoc reporting to the legal department in the event of significant changes.
  • Preparation of a quarterly report with an overview of the significant updates and To Do`s

Regulatory Support

We provide support services for the conceptual implementation of new regulatory requirements at financial companies in Germany.

The aim is that legal and regulatory changes and new requirements can be implemented promptly in your company’s practice.

Outsourcing Compliance Officer

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