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Leadership and innovation

In a rapidly changing world, it is more important than ever to be able to lead and manage agile teams effectively. This seminar will give you the tools you need to do just that. You will learn about change management, how to inspire and motivate employees, and how to foster a culture of innovation in your organisation. With these skills, you will be able to lead your team to success in an ever-changing landscape.

Leadership and innovation

Target audience:

  • managing directors
  • authorised signatories and managers
  • Team leaders who work in sales, purchasing, manufacturing, HR management or controlling


Plus 19% VAT.
  • Fit & Proper with the S+P Certificate of Expertise.

  • Design of agile teams

  • Faster to innovations through change management

  • How do you inspire the employees for the change?


  • 9.15 am – 2.00 pm

    Design of agile teams

    How to agree on goals: The WHY technique

    Wheel of Change: Agreeing your goals in an innovation-oriented way

    Delegation of tasks: Roles and rules in agile teams

    The VeSiEr method – Recognising and systematically
    check them

    Successful feedback – constructive feedback for employees

    Faster to innovations through change management

    Communicate tasks and time frames with SOAP technology:

    • Fast and short-term communication
    • Openness: We want ideas, suggestions and constructive criticism
    • Argument: We do not make lazy compromises
    • Push principle: Get everyone on board

    Kill the stupid rule: Agile in the change process

    • Which tasks are really important?
    • Reduce complexity
    • Plan, structure and manage workflows consistently

S+P Tool Box for Leadership and innovation

  • S+P Leadership Tool: Successful goal setting process

  • S+P Tool: Agile Techniques for Change Management

  • S+P Test: “Check your feedback ability for agility

  • 2.00 pm – 5.00 pm

    How do you inspire employees for change?

    Your coaching techniques for agile teams:

    • Flexibility within structures
    • Improvisation techniques at a glance
    • Assuming positivity and making offers

    Lead teams to success with the SCARF technique

    Which five types of employees show which resistance in change?

    • Euphorics
    • Advocates
    • Pioneers
    • Sceptics, doubters, procrastinators, brakemen and resistors
    • Promoters

    Your leadership tasks in the coaching process:

    • Persuasiveness
    • Criticism and feedback skills as central coaching competencies
    • How do I motivate myself?
    • How do I motivate my team?
Leadership and innovation
Leadership and innovation