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With Compliance courses you will learn the latest specialist knowledge on:

  • Practical implementation – Communicating compliance correctly
  • Non-compliance – when the worst comes to the worst
  • Tasks of management and compliance officers in data protection law
  • Company data protection officer – What remains the same and what changes?
  • Tasks and duties in money laundering prevention
  • Combating fraud in practice
  • Criminal law for compliance officers
  • The course of an investigation and criminal proceedings in practice

As a Compliance Officer, you will take on the following tasks for the establishment of an audit-proof compliance management:



Each employee is personally responsible for compliance with the Code of Conduct. Furthermore, each supervisor is responsible for the application and implementation of the Code of Conduct in his or her business area.

In addition to the conduct of the management, that of the other managers is also important. You are the link between the management and the various business units or specialist departments. You have the task of transporting and communicating the value system and the risk culture there. Furthermore, it is the task of the managers to identify, evaluate and control risks within their area of responsibility. In doing so, the risk limits and the value system of our company must be observed.

Both your management and the employees of your company align their activities with the value system, the defined risk appetite and the existing risk limits. Each of them is responsible for this (“accountability”).

To ensure an appropriate risk culture, the risk strategy also defines the company’s individual risk appetite through risk limits.