Are you looking for the latest techniques for successful negotiations as a buyer? Book the Course on purchasing online and thus learn the latest negotiation techniques in purchasing. Does your purchasing department have a reliable and powerful supplier-recoring? With Courses Purchasing & Negotiation you will receive a toolbox to assess your supplier. This potential can be better recognized in purchasing and used properly.

Agile negotiation techniques and insider tips for the perfect shopping conversation help you reach your shopping destinations quickly and safely. With this you can increase your performance as a buyer. You reduce the risks for your own company and achieve your purchasing goals through consistent communication and negotiation.

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Courses Purchasing & Negotiation – Agile negotiation techniques for buyers

Courses Purchasing & Negotiation give you basic strategies for the following negotiation situations:

  • Negotiate with bottleneck suppliers
  • Negotiate with lever suppliers
  • Negotiate with Strategic Partners

New concepts for controlling demand, case studies for intelligent purchasing contracts and tools for checking supplier pricing support you in the direct implementation in your practice as a purchaser.


Unbundle the prices of your suppliers – Courses Purchasing & Negotiation

The prices of the suppliers are often not systematically calculated on the basis of a “cost plus” logic. Mixed costing makes the pricing intransparent. With Courses Purchasing & Negotiation you will learn the following skills: The unbundling of supplier prices involves breaking down the total price of a product into the relevant cost components. What are the actual costs of running the production and what are the costs of one-off development costs?

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Composite Benchmarking – New Opportunities for Purchasing

Analyzes are carried out on the basis of competing competitor products. For this purpose, offers from suppliers are obtained at product and component level. The combination of the best suggestions is the basis for the concept of the “Best of the Best”. In our seminar series, you will receive a roadmap for your composite benchmarking in practice.



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