Money Laundering Officer – Beginner’s course

Money Laundering Officer – Beginner’s seminar

Money Laundering Starter Seminar – Book S & P Seminar – Product-Nr. L02


Guidelines on the current money laundering law
  • Current Guide to the new Money Laundering Act 2017 – Implementation of the 4th EU Money Laundering Directive
  • Implementation of the new administrative practice – The new DK design and application notes
  • Limitation of personal liability risks of the money laundering officer
  • What solutions are there to avoid financial losses and liability cases?
  • Due diligence and action strategies in practice



Target Group – Money Laundering Starter Seminar

  • Managing directors, board members at banks, financial service providers, insurance companies, leasing and factoring companies
  • Money Laundering Officers, Deputy Money Laundering Officers, Compliance and Compliance Executives, Central Unit, Internal Audit, and Legal Department Officers
  • Do you have questions about proof of expertise for money laundering officers? Current information on the expertise and duties of the money laundering officer can be found in our information blog.


Seminar Price – Money Laundering Officer – Beginner’s seminar

Price: 690, – £ excl. 19% VAT.

Included in the price:
Participants documents as PDF,  3-course meal, coffee, tea, Soft drinks and Snacks in the breaks



Feedbacks of the participants to our seminar series Money Laundering Officer – Beginner’s Seminar

  • Valuable practical examples
  • Clarification of own questions
  • Excellent speaker
  • Receive valuable documents / checklists
  • Extremely good extras (eg tips for research)

Recent feedback from the seminar Frankfurt am Main in December.



Money Laundering Officer - Beginner's seminar



Program – Money Laundering Starter Seminar

  • Limitation of personal liability risks as a money laundering officer – exchange of experience and discussion of current developments
  • Due Diligence as Money Laundering Officer – Minimum Requirements for Audit and Control Activities – Risk Analysis


Tasks, rights and duties as money laundering officer

  • Liability guarantee – BGH judgment of July 17, 2009 on the responsibility of agents – “Siemens / Neubürger” decision dated 10.12.2013 on the compliance system
  • Limitation of Liability Risks of the MLA – Representative Central office – Minimum requirements for internal organizational measures
  • How does an optimal interaction between Risk Controlling, Compliance, Money Laundering Officers and Internal Audit work?
  • 5 levels for optimal risk limitation for agents


Transparency Register & Co. – Innovations in identity verification

  • Identification process and identification of identity
  • Fictitious beneficial owner – a beneficial owner is always to determine!
  • Recognition and monitoring of politically exposed persons and high-risk customers
  • The new Transparency Register: Which reporting obligations are to be observed at GmbHs, joint-stock companies, cooperatives and associations?


Other offenses: Fight against fraud in practice

  • Characteristics, motives and typical profiles of perpetrators
  • Action strategies for unusual and conspicuous business relationships or transactions
  • Special measures against fraudulent actions or other criminal acts
  • Fight against fraud according to § 25h German Banking Act: emergency reactions, preventive measures and emergency measures
  • BAIT: Banking supervisory requirements for IT
  • Application notes, case studies and practical experience


Risk analysis according to § 5 German MLA and suspicion reporting in practice

  • 4. EU Money Laundering Directive – Guide to the new Money Laundering Act 2017
  • Structure, structure and content of a risk analysis focusing on money laundering and white-collar crime
  • From risk inventory to audit-proof classification of risks
  • SARs according to §§ 43 ff MLA and conduct in case of suspicion
  • Revision of the deadline case: when and how to report a suspicious transaction?
  • Report suspected cases – new interfaces to investigating authorities


Participants to the seminar – money laundering beginner seminar
“High practical relevance and very useful documents.”
“Very helpful was the USB stick with the electronic documents.”
“Practice-related and many case studies.”
“Particularly positive and pleasant the small number of participants.”


Training program for money laundering officers
Are you interested in a certification as a money laundering officer?
Select the appropriate seminar from our training program Money Laundering Officer. Four seminars designed specifically for Money Laundering Officers, Deputy Money Laundering Officers, Central Personnel and Newly Money Laundering Officers.

Money Laundering Officer - Beginner's seminar

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