Liquidity planning compact

Liquidity planning compact

Seminar Liquiditätsplanung Kompakt – S+P Unternehmerforum – Produkt-No. C04


Planning – Control – Optimization for more liquidity

> How safe is your liquidity planning?

> In our seminar you will learn how to build reliable liquidity planning.

> How can you optimally manage the cash flows in your own company – even in turbulent euro-times?

> Many companies have up to 30% liquidity reserves. What measures can you use to lift these reserves and reduce interest costs?


Target Group – Seminar Liquidity Planning Compact

> Managing directors, owners, board members, authorized signatories and executives

> Specialists in finance, accounting, controlling and treasury


Your benefit – Seminar Liquidity Planning Compact

> Liquidity planning – Effective, clear and simple

> Cash is King – the liquidity-saving payment plan

> Liquidity at all times – your practice guide

> Financing solutions for growth, project business and high inventories



Seminar Price – Liquidity planning compact

Price: 590, – £ excl. 19% VAT.

Included in the price:
Participants documents as PDF,  3-course meal, coffee, tea, Soft drinks and Snacks in the breaks



Liquidity planning compact


Your Advantage – Seminar Liquidity Planning Compact

All participants receive the following S & P products free of charge:

+ Business planning tool with working capital and liquidity benchmarking

+ Liquidity planning in accordance with the banking standard with cash flow simulation

+ Risk report to ensure the ability to pay at any time

+ Key figures report on structural liquidity and the company’s own rating


Seminar Program Liquidity Planning Compact


Liquidity planning – Effective, clear and reliable – Seminar Liquidity Planning Compact

> Development of liquidity planning according to banking standard in 5 steps

> Setting screws for reliable liquidity planning

> Structure payment flows and calculate plan data correctly

> Important components of the planning at a glance: accounts payable, debtors, bank and credit reports

> “Deadly sins” in liquidity planning

> Risk report and key figures for monitoring solvency


The participants receive the following S & P products:

+ Simulation of cash flow with our liquidity tool

+ an Excel tool for liquidity planning and cash flow simulation that can be used in all industries


Cash is king – the liquidity-saving payment plan – Seminar Liquidity Planning Compact

> “Right” cash management in stormy euro-times

> Quick Check “More liquidity”: find liquidity potential with the help of benchmarks

> Working Capital: central to controlling structural liquidity

> How big should the liquidity buffer be? The appropriate key figures give you an answer.

> Strengthening cash flow and optimizing structural liquidity


The participants receive the following S & P products:

+ Checklists for finding and raising liquidity reserves

+ Key figures for optimizing working capital


Liquidity at all times – Your practice guide – Seminar Liquidity Planning Compact

> Liquidity management with the help of the cash flow statement and movement balance

> Effective cash flow control with the set screws

> “Business activity”, “Investing activities” and “Financing activities”

> What should I pay particular attention to when controlling my company?

> Targeted accumulation of liquidity reserves – securing financial independence

> Top figures for liquidity and cash flow development

> Control indicators and early-warning systems for liquidity – the essentials for decision-makers and entrepreneurs at a glance


The participants receive the following S & P products:

+ Case studies for the purposeful analysis and interpretation of the cash flow statement and movement balance

+ Participants receive an excel tool for business planning with a planned balance sheet, profit and loss account, contribution margin analysis, scenario analysis and cash flow statement


Liquidity planning compact

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