Internal Audit

The Three Lines of Defense model: Internal audit as an integral part of the internal control system. Risk management, compliance and internal auditing are indispensable representatives of the management. When implementing an internal audit, organizational independence must be taken into account. The new revision standards DIIR No. 3 and Germand IDW Standard 983 apply in practice for a secure internal audit organization.

The application of the DIIR and IDW standards is highly relevant for managing directors, board members and supervisory boards in the fulfillment of good corporate governance. With our seminar series Internal Audit – What is important to get the S & P Checks discharge of the management – regularity check, transparency register – Implementation of the new AMLA, minimum requirements for corporate organization rules and accounting due diligence.

Current project reports from our ongoing auditing activities can be found in the healthcare sector, risk management in companies and the compliance test for good corporate governance.