Do you need an update for your companies´personnel management? With the course “Personnel management update” the participants will receive the following skills:

  1. Take a look behind the facade – Seminar Human Resource Management and Labor Law
  2. Techniques and tools for the professional interview guide
  3. Use questioning strategies and questioning techniques in a targeted manner
  4. Avoid typical assessment errors in personnel selection
  5. You need to know – the basics of labor law
  6. Legally secure implementation of variable remuneration systems

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Price for the Course Personnel management update

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Included in the price:
Participants documents as PDF,  3-course meal, coffee, tea, soft drinks and snacks in the breaks

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Personnel management update


Target Group for the course “Personnel management update”

  • CEOs, authorized signatories, personnel boards, personnel decision-makers, personnel managers
  • Human Resources Manager, Human Resources, Recruiting


Your Benefits with the course “Personnel management update”

Day 1

  • The candidate interview in practice: Interview forms and discussion rules
  • Why the illusion often deceives: Common sources of error and their prevention
  • Solve difficult situations in the interview

Day 2

  • Your scope of action and duties in employment law
  • Avoid typical traps and mistakes in employment law
  • Make variable remuneration legally secure


Program Day 1 – “Personnel management update”

The candidate interview in practice: Phases, forms of interviews and rules of conversation

  • Preparation for talks: Use requirement profiles and application documents to conduct strong interviews
  • Time management in an interview
  • Choosing the right interview strategy
  • Tried-and-tested interviewing – Development of a professional interview guideline
  • Good Guy and Bad Guy – Using a change of perspective in an interview


Do not be tampered with – Use targeted questioning techniques

  • The 8 most important question strategies
  • Correctly ask and listen properly without being seen through by applicants
  • Questioning breaks in the CV specifically
  • Questions you should not ask – Legal aspects in the interview
  • Discover Backgrounds – Compliance Check in CV


Why the illusion often deceives: Common sources of error and their prevention

  • Do not be fooled: Typical perception and judgment errors
  • Reading between the lines: Warning signs in statements about the professional career
  • The first impression counts – The last impression remains
  • Invalid conclusions and unconscious insinuations
  • Avoiding mistakes – Creating an observation and assessment system


Solve difficult situations in the interview

  • Stop frequent speakers!
  • Move slightly to talk!
  • Bring storyteller back to the ground of the facts!
  • Tempt tacticians and timid people out of reserve!


Program Day 2 – “Personnel management update”

Your scope of action and duties in employment law

  • Legally secure employment contracts in compliance with the latest case law
  • Reduction of personnel costs – Special contract design
  • Safe termination of employment by a termination agreement
  • Suspicion of a fake inability to work – response options
  • Reason for termination: persistently poor performance – current case law


Avoid typical traps and mistakes in employment law

  • May I cut my salary if my performance is bad?
  • “Travel time is working time!” – When must be paid?
  • “Are you pregnant?” – Illegal questions and their consequences
  • No termination without warning? Which reasons for termination are legally enforceable?
  • Sensitive topic! Legally and personally carry out separation talks properly


Make variable remuneration legally secure

  • Bonus cuts in case of illness
  • What should be considered in the company car regulations?
  • Not every executive is a senior executive
  • Is the granting of supplements subject to codetermination?
  • Variable remuneration: Voluntary, revocable and allowable compensation
  • Company agreement, legal framework & Co.

Leadership – Communication – Team Development – Course “Personnel management update”

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Personnel Management – Course “Personnel management update”

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