“Controlling Compact” online booking – S+P course – Promotion up to 80% possible – Product-No. B02. The participants learn with the course “Controlling Compact” the following professional skills:

  • You receive the most important parameters for corporate management
  • What feedback can the BWA give about the business development?
  • Check contribution margins and costing surcharges
  • Practical cases on balance sheet and income statement, BWA and calculation

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Price for the Course Controlling compact

Price: 590,– £ excl. 19% VAT.

Included in the price:
Participants documents as PDF,  3-course meal, coffee, tea, soft drinks and snacks in the breaks

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Controlling Compact


Target group for the course “Controlling Compact”

  • Managing Directors, authorized signatories and executives
  • Employees in the areas of technology, production, R & D and sales

Your benefit with the course “Controlling Compact”

  • The BWA – Not just an instrument for the businessman
  • Better read and control companies
  • Cost-covering sales prices and their calculation

Your lead with the course “Controlling Compact”

Each participant receives the S+P Tool Box Controlling with the course “Controlling Compact”:

+ S+P Tool Enterprise Planning and Control

+ Chief report with the most important key figures

+ 20 points check for a meaningful BWA

+ S+P Practice Guide to the Bank Report

+ Checklists to avoid rating traps

+ S+P Tool Company costing for decision makers

Course program:

The BWA-Not just an instrument for the businessman

  • Know and interpret essential parts of the BWA
  • Correctly map inventories and inventory changes in the BWA
  • Keep the company on course with the BWA
  • Check contribution margins and costing surcharges using the BWA
  • Costing and cost analysis with the BWA
  • BWA as an impulse generator for entrepreneurial decisions


Better read and control companies

  • The three steps of a solid annual planning!
  • GuV: from sales to profit
  • Management of the company with top key figures
  • Does the business model fit? Costs under control? Properly funded?
  • Recognizing strengths, weaknesses and undesirable developments
  • Development of countermeasures and measures

Cost-covering sales prices and their calculation

  • Cost accounting as a basis for managing director decisions
  • Cost center accounting with the company accounting sheet
  • Cost accounting: calculation – contribution margin – budgeting
  • Calculation of cost-covering sales prices
  • Handelskalkulation: What is important?
  • Modern cost accounting systems: Activity-Based Costing and Target Costing
  • The participants receive:
    • “S+P Tool Enterprise Costing” as well as
    • “Chief Report with Surcharge and Trade Costing”


Course dates and course locations

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