How do I become a certified HR manager?: The S&P Entrepreneur Forum sets new standards in training as a Certified HR-Manager and creates a uniform quality framework for executive education. The modular structure of our courses and training ensures fast and direct implementation in practice.


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Certified HR-Manager (S&P)

“Certified HR-Manager (S&P)” – Content & Requirements


Course System “Certified HR-Manager (S&P)”

The certification program documents the training and examination in the areas of personnel strategy, variable remuneration systems, employment law, recruiting and employee appraisals. This gives you the opportunity to prove your acquired knowledge and to acquire a unique selling point as a “Certified HR-Manager (S&P)”.

The course will provide you with sample guides, tools, and checklists. This allows you a safe implementation in your own practice.


Audience for the “Certified HR-Manager (S&P)”

The S&P Entrepreneurship Forum aims at becoming a “Certified HR-Manager (S&P)”

  • Personnel manager, personnel boards, personnel decision-makers, department heads
  • Employees of Human Resources as well as Recruiting and Human Resource Manager

Book the course “Certified HR-Manager (S&P)” easily and simply with the course registration form online.


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Leadership – Communication – Team Development – “Certified HR-Manager (S&P)”

Course Leadership: The 8 Most Successful Leadership Techniques

Course Leadership: Leading with system

Course Leadership: Leading high-performance teams

Course Leadership: Setting goals – Delegating – Motivating

Course Leadership: Deciding sovereignly – leading better

Course Leadership: Project Management

Course Leadership: Leadership and Personnel Development

Course Leadership: Seminar Target agreement and variable compensation as a management tool

Course Leadership: Deciding sovereignly – leading better

Course Leadership: Conflict Management

Course Leadership: Using leadership force purposefully

Course Communication: Successful Assistance

Course Communication: Motivation – Communication – Time Management

Course Communication: Leadership and communication for project leaders

Course Communication: Best performance through optimal time management

Course Communication: Conflict Management

Course Communication: Communication Training

Course Communication: Target Agreement

Course Team Development: Leadership Training Team Development

Course Team Development: Leadership Search Today



Course Sales: Success in sales

Course Sales: Price-knowledge compact

Course Sales: Correct Leading in Sales

Course Sales: Sales Training

Course Sales: Price Management


Rating & Bank Negotiations

Course Accounting: Balance Sheet Knowledge compact

Course Accounting: balance sheet and equity optimization

Course Rating: BWA & Rating

Course Rating: Seminar Rating

Course Bank Negotiations: Successfully conduct banking negotiations

Course Bank Negotiations: Seminar Bank Negotiations

Course Bank Negotiations: Rating & Bank Talk


Project management

Course Project Management: Leadership and Communication for Project Managers

Course Project Management: Project Management – Basic Seminar

Course Project Management: Conflict Management: Solutions for everyday leadership

Course Project Management: Office Management

Course Purchasing: Competent in purchasing

Course Moderation: Professional moderating as a project manager

Course Presentation: Presentation and Negotiation Techniques


Coaching and communication

Course Successful Leadership

Course Successful Leadership: Sales Training

Course Successful Leadership: Correct Leadership without Supervisor Function


Course Communication Training: Leadership & Communication

Course Communication Training: Communicating as a leader

Course Communication Training: Seminar Project Management

Course Communication Training: Solving conflicts


Use leadership power purposefully

Course Using Leadership Skills: Seminar target agreement

Course Using Leadership Skills: Deciding Sovereignly – Leading Better

Course Using Leadership Skills: Develop high-performance teams

Course Using Leadership Skills: Developing Teams

Course Communication and Team Motivation: Motivation of employees

Course Communication and Team Motivation: With a motivation to excellence